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I discovered kinesiology, a vocation that I would choose to this day to accomplish the mission that I had given myself, that is to be useful in people's lives and to help as much as I could.

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—   We are teaming up to bring your training project to term, but you always stay in charge of your journey.

My contribution is always positive, rewarding, solution-oriented and action-oriented.


  • In my work, I want to pay special attention to the technique of performing exercises and the sharpness of muscle recruitment involved in the movement. Our daily life conditions our body to adopt harmful positions to its optimal functioning and to quietly get stuck in a postural alignment far from ideal. Physical training may exacerbate the discomfort of limited posture if it is not performed properly and intelligently, hence the concern for my intervention.

  • Our exchanges will not be limited to the subject of training, but will involve a constant dialogue about your emotions, the perception of your successes and your difficulties and the different methods to change your habits. We will also take time to organize and re-organize your project several times along the way.


  • I do not hide the truth about the state of things and the pace of the process. In the same way that I manage my training, I am direct, demanding and hard, while being 100% attentive, understanding and flexible in my approach.

  • Values the looks of the body. Our appearance is part of our identity and it is important that it makes us feel comfortable and proud, but there is no standard of beauty in my world.

  • Is adept of bodybuilding and fitness competitions. Those are incredible disciplines, but ones with which I am not familiar as it does not fall particularly in my interests.

  • Works with a list of elaborate sports nutrition products and supplements other than the essentials. I think a balanced diet is a necessity and does a lot in itself.

  • Behaves like an army drill sergeant. I do not believe that a severe and aggressive approach is optimal for both the coach and the participant. Anyway, it's not my style!

  • Is purely result-oriented. With the experience, I learned that putting all our expectations and pride on a weigh-in was a very risky bet to take. The results are calculated, planned, and expected but highly dependable on the interaction of multiple factors that cannot all be controlled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I value progress and the feeling of accomplishment beyond a weight on the scale.

Finally, I am not the coach who:




" Isabelle was key in helping me safely reach, and surpass my fitness goals. The results speak for themselves: I’ve gained 40lbs of lean muscle mass and am in the best shape of my life! "

- Michael


Ready to start? Me too!


I am happy to be able to participate in the transformation of your physical condition as you know it. Several options are available to you; now, you only need to choose the one that inspires you and best fits your needs.


Whether working directly together in person, through my online consulting service or registering for one of my programs, I believe we are just at the beginning of a great adventure and one step away from your healthiest self.