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Find personally selected training equipment in my boutique to use at home,

on the road or outside. *

Also offered, my favorite lifestyle items, all in comfort and style. **

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FitBit Charge 2

199,99 $CA

TACX Bike set

539,99 $CA


Yoga block Dusky Leaf

19,99 $CA

Yoga mat Dusky Leaf

67,99 $CA

S'Well water bottle

44,99 $CA



The Grid Foam Roller

59,99 $CA

Dumbbell set 40lb

79,99 $CA

TRX Suspension trainer

199,95 $CA

Skipping rope

15,99 $CA

Elastic band set

29,99 $CA

Dumbbells 5lb

33,99 $CA

Mini resistance bands

21,99 $CA

Sliding disks

18,99 $CA

Lacrosse balls for self-massage

9,99 $CA

Stability disk

16,99 $CA

Swiss ball

25,99 $CA


A Return to Love

Marianne Williamson

17,99 $CA

Big Magic

Elizabeth Gilbert

21,99 $CA

Courir mieux

Jean-François Harvey

31,99 $CA

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