Frequently asked questions

What is a kinesiologist?

The kinesiologist is the expert of human movement, specifically in the context of physical exercise. Holder of a university degree, he is the professional with the most complete training in order to take a fitness or physical performance project in charge from a scientific point of view. His expertise extends from the fields of psychology and physiology to the fields of anatomy, training prescription, counseling and nutritional intervention, to only name a few.


Why should I work with a kinesiologist?

The fitness industry is not always easy to navigate. Misinformation is common and training methods, whether for weight loss or muscle gain, are countless. It becomes difficult to find what will really work for US and who to trust with the achievement of our fitness goals. 


A kinesiologist gives you a procedure to follow based on the most exact, healthiest and safest training principles that will ensure you getting the lasting results you long for effectively. He's also the person who will follow you at all stages and with whom you'll be in touch regularly to keep you motivated and committed to your journey, no matter what happens. Quite simply: the kinesiologist is your best ally!


What more does online training have to offer me?

Although having contact with your trainer in person has a unique dynamism that is difficult to recreate through a screen, it also has its share of limitations. For example:


  • Once the meeting is over, you are left to yourself for each of your training sessions without having the possibility of receiving feedback from your coach and risking forgetting his precious technical guidelines given on the field.


Thanks to my commented videos, you have constant access to the visual of the correct execution of the exercises as well as to the detailed description of the instructions to observe. By doing this, you make sure you do the job well at each session, which will promote effective progress and faster results without risk of injury.

  • The gym in which you are registered may not offer the kinesiology services you would need in order to supervise and optimize your fitness process.

Whatever facilities you have access to, with my online service, you can now be constantly accompanied by the quality professional support you need to train up to your goals.

  • At home or at the gym, you are restricted by the equipment to which you have access and it becomes more difficult to determine not only which exercises will be effective and consistent with your training goal, but also according to which intensity parameters (speed, incline, load, repetitions, etc.).


I offer you the formula "wherever you go, I go", that is to say that I take into consideration your circumstances and your resources, whatever they are, in order to build my training prescription so that you get the most out of what you have on hand.


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